Oh my god

Aylens remixes <3


Not sure who does this remix of Wild Ones for sure, but its good either way~


Anyway, I have about an hour before I have to get off.

I dont know if Ill get on again tonight.

Oh, look what was on my door earlier!


My cat scared it off a couple minutes later, so I was lucky to get this shot xD

Oh, and I cant post that picture of me. /table flip

SOMETHING HAPPENED WITH THE TIME SETTINGS ON MY ANIMAL CROSSING NEW LEAF LAST NIGHT! D: And now Ankha moved out, my town was a mess (Along with my hair -sobs-) and all that crud.

Ankha gave me her picture as a goodbye gift though, so I guess thats good..

I dont know what else to write here anymore... .3.

I was on Haiku earlier in one of the Open Chat keywords.. For once xD I dont use Haiku much. I mainy just stick to HatenaBlog.

Ive been just

Hanging around on RES all day.

I havent commented much.

-sigh- Almost none of my friends have been on unless I missed them..

Okay, now I have to go. uvu

I dont know if Ill be updating later, like I said before.

Bye guys~